13 Web Design Rules for an Exceptional Website in 2020

Are you in the process of creating a new website for your business? Want to ensure your web design process follows industry best practices? Well, MightyWeb has a few points for you to consider before you go ahead with your design.

Here’s a quick summary:

Principal focus. It is important to provide a positive reading experience for the end-user.

Easy flow. Make sure your audience is moving in the right direction. Page layout is typically designed in a legible grid format for vertical and horizontal lines.

Maintain a balance. Keep a perfect balance. A well-balanced website can make customers fall in love with your website.

Repetition is good. Sometimes repetition works! Make sure no one misses your CTA’s (Call to actions) ever again.

White space. Add sophistication and a professional feel in your website. Remember, less is more. Give your design elements ample space to breathe.

Texture. Add some texture to smartly minimize the negative space. Your overall arrangement of space, content and other design elements must make a holistic sense.

Minimal approach. Limited data always work best, but make sure no one misses a point. An easy to follow, step for step approach will be good to use.

Typeface selection. Say it loud, say it clear with the right font. Leave no one doubtful.

Size matters. Remember, people read bigger things first. Use the right font size to entice your readers.

Go random. Sometimes, the lack of symmetry can make a great impact.

Clutter control. Get your website under your control. Alignment works best to make anything appear clutter-free.

Be smart with contrast. Use contrast wisely as it can make or break your website design.

Colour and tint. Bright colours stand out from muted shade or grayscale. Use colours wisely to accentuate important information.

Now that you have a better idea of what to do. Don’t hesitate. Make your dreams a reality. Click here to start.

Article courtesy of Red website design


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