32 Elements your product detail page must-have.

Are you in the process of creating a new Ecommerce website? Want to know the design features you should consider for your Ecommerce product pages?

Breaking it down as follows:

  • Above the fold
  • Below the fold
  • Footer

Check out the infographic for more detail.

Above and below the fold on eCommerce website. 32 tips for a great website by MightyWeb.

Above the fold:

  1. Customer service phone number in the header.
  2. Bread crumb navigation.
  3. Name of the product in big and bold font.
  4. Reviews of the product using 5-star format: Product pages with reviews convert 58% more and increase revenue by 62% more.
  5. Multiple product pictures.
  6. Video of the product: Ice.com increased conversion by 144% after adding videos on product pages.
  7. Show regular price of the product and the sale price of the product.
  8. Invoke product scarcity: ex, only X left in stock etc.
  9. Free shipping (or Mention shipping cost).
  10. Show product variations: Size and colour etc.
  11. Call to action button: Add to cart or Buy Now button.
  12. Most important features of the product that matters to the buyer should be listed.
  13. Add to Wish list option.
  14. integrate social share buttons.

Below the fold:

  1. Product Detail section: High quality and original product description with at least 500 words.
  2. Product SKU/Code: Users like to compare prices. UPC codes on the page make it easy for the search engine to list your page when searched by a UPC code.
  3. Clean and easy to read font.
  4. Product dimension if it matters to the user. Product weight and Product origin if important.
  5. Comparison table with other models or product variations.
  6. Detailed customer reviews.
  7. Review form to allow buyers to leave a review.
  8. Trust badges to invoke trust: 61% of respondents cancelled a purchase all because trust badges were missing on the site.
  9. Call to action button again below the fold.
  10. Section for FAQ.
  11. Allow customers to ask questions about the product which you can then answer.
  12. Show other related products.
  13. Show return policy: one or two sentence return policies are better. 63% of American consumers check the online return policy before making a purchase.
  14. Show any Guarantees or Warranties.


  1. To contain Contact details and address.
  2. Business hours.
  3. Follow us section with icons of social media platforms that your business is using.
  4. Sign Up or Newsletter option.

Article courtesy of Red website design

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