Password Security

Passwords are your last line of defense against attackers, thieves and lost of info. Check out our handy infographic on password security.

10 commandments for passwords

Credits for the infographic go to this article from cnet.

Why should you care about your passwords and their security? have a look at this article from Cnet as well. If you are in any doubt about your online safety, then contact mightyweb today and let us help you.

2 Responses

  1. Hello there ,
    I was checking online for password generator tools and I found your page here: – very interesting, thanks for sharing.

    I tried and compared a few password generators, and I found a few great tools online, but one clearly stood out to me. It’s easy to use, clear and ad-free:

    I thought maybe your users would be interested in reading about it, if you decide to add it to your page.

    In hope I helped back,


    1. Thank you for the comment Madeline.
      That does indeed seem like a no nonsense password generator!
      Thank you again
      Mightyweb Team

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