2020 is touted by many sectors as a visionary year for launching new businesses and startups.

While some sectors are saying that Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing is dead or has lost its significance, may do think otherwise and firmly believe that this digital marketing tool is evolving into new iterations this year.

As an overview of Search Engin Optimization and Marketing Trends in 2020, brands and businesses should expect an evolution in strategies, moving away from purely text-based strategies, into a different marketing ballgame that includes voice, images, video, semantics and a whole lot of relevant and personalized content.

The mad scramble for position zero.

Position No. 1 search engine results pages are not anymore, the most sought-after real estate in Google’s search engine landscape.

Zero-Click Search results are slowly dominating the SEO trend, occupying and overwhelming 62.5% of mobile searches and up to 34.4% of search results from desktops.

Voice search rises to prominence.

The use of assistants was still a novelty item a few years back. The continued rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies is now helping people get more relevant and appropriate search information using audio content.

It is expected that within the year 2020, more than 30% of online searches will be conducted through voice and will not require a screen, according to eConsultancy.  ComScore is giving an even more generous prediction, putting this figure even higher at 50%.

Up to 57% of users age 18 to 24 years old will use voice search. While 61% of those aged 25 to 64 years old will use their voice-activated devices to make an online search. These devices include: Wearables, Tablets, Speakers and Smartphones.

Visual search will be used more extensively.

Making an online search not by text or by vice – but by uploading an image – will be used much more extensively in the coming years. Among the more popular visual search tools include: Pinterest lens, Google lens, CamFind and Bing Visual Search.

Video search is gaining popularity.

The use of video has been a strong element in any Digital Marketing Strategy. The following are video marketing variations which you can use to gain dominance on search engine results: Video SEO, 1:1 Video, Live Video, 360 Video.

Content marketing is still the king of SEO.

Despite the emergence of new and innovative forms of content, well-written and highly relevant content is still the king of SEO. It is still a very powerful way to attract targeted customers attention, drive them to your websites, and build a stronger online relationship that delivers results.

Up to 88% of B2B Digital Marketers make use of content marketing to build relevance and credibility among targeted customers.

The use of natural language for search is an important element to consider when formulating a content strategy for SEO.  This is driven by major search algorithm updates included in Google’s new BERT system.

Semantic Keyword Research is likewise an important element to consider when creating content for SEO. The key concept to consider is to keep writing relevant content for people, keep their intent in mind.

Look at our infographic for a step by step summary.

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